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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
I have to say that MCBers multihandedly(is that a word even?) saved what otherwise would've been a disaster of a trip. All I wanted to do was go play a game against my friend Angel, the rest was going to just be gravy. Not to win or lose, but to play and have fun. I live an hour from HS and have a scenario or big game right there every month from may to september.
Having 3 of the first 8 shots i fired break in the gun was NOT what I drove 6 hours for. RPS's fault and not CPX's fault but there it is.
However getting to visit with so many of you and put faces to names WAS in the end worth the trip and I'll be at that meetup next year!

Did you purchase your paint on friday Rob?

Yes the paint was GOD AWFUL, all of my guns broke paint like crazy the first games I played in Saturday revolved around me shooting 8 rounds having paint break then swabbing it out - followed by more breaks and just calling myself out to go back to the staging area to clean out paint in my feedneck, eyes, and barrel. I was shooting an A1 Fly which has never chopped or broke evil that I've shot through it before. I finally went up and complained to viper and cpx as I paid 80 bucks for crap, and they right away said sure we are out of marbs but you can trade it for "good" evil that didn't have any problems (props to CPX for making the trade easy). Luckily that evil ended up working great and wasnt chopping.
I remember friday for the pistol/pump games I actually had paint coming out of my trigger and down the bottom of the magazine slot of my T8.1, it was just that bad of paint.
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