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That little fella was awesome.

It was the first time, it could be setup a little different next time. It certainly was fun to play. Make sure it doesn't have something scheduled right on it so it's more relaxed and poor antonio can get a break. going to 2 mins a game

Props to Antonio! Though I spent too much of our game staring down at paint dripping from the barrel, i was back up fair and square when he got me. the game was fun but having our need to clear the field for other games
I am setting something up for Tippmann VS World, UNOFFICiALLY! Either one of our little traditions at HS, round robin P.I.G., like basketball.
Or XTiPX. those are one on ones, played on one of our Xball fields. Each player has a TiPX and ONE magazine. On the ground at the center, right under the X is 1 more magazine.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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