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Jesus there were a lot of you guys there that I didn't manage to run into!

Met up with Grimace, BigBalla, Chris Nathan, AgentSmith, Midnight, briefly said hi to Weltman, but that was pretty much it, wound up too wrapped up in the command jibberjabber.

By now I'm sure everyone's heard about the drama involving the score- I'm not going to comment for now but I will say that there's more to the story and we're still working at figuring out exactly what the heck went down there.

Regardless of a win or loss and the ensuing reversal (which really sucked), I had a great time playing the game and inadvertently becoming the talk of the final battle of going right over the hyperpipe by the center flip stick.... I don't want to ruin an epic action shot by saying it was on accident, but it's the truth. Meant to just bump up against it to get what I thought was one or two guys who kept reaching up to flip the stick.... Found about 30 guys kneeling there, couldn't stop my own momentum, and went right the hell over it. Sorry to anyone I landed on!!!!
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