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Originally Posted by Bits64 View Post
I would have liked to see you make it more of a challenge for yourself. Since your supposed to be so great, you should have evened up the odds between yourself and each challenger. For instance, you got two pistols and each challenger only had 1. Another thing I did not like was that if time expired the challenger lost. I watched several matches where you stayed in a corner of the building just waiting for them to walk through. why not go after them? just my two cents.
From JoeSpud
Plus, if even one of your two pistols went down, the game was reset. I guess 1 gun vs 1 gun wasn't even. Especially since you had extended mags and the challengers had what? 2 mags total?
From PaintballSmrf
i kinda thought the same thing but, that was the smart thing to do. only real thing i was impressed by was the he played smart all 20 games without being flashy or overconfident. i personally would have gotten bored and probably done something stupid but thats just how i play. and that's how all the challengers should have played, they had nothing to lose so they should have gone all out and played a little stupid and made things interesting.
From Weltman
It sounds like you have some valid points there, Bits.
Weltman is right, it does sound like Bits has some valid points. Sounds like. Unfortunately, it stops there and I'm surprised at you guys.

Instead of running around the field smoking folks on his helmet cam and doing whatever he pleased, Angel got together with Tippmann and CPX to give away some swag. To give back.
He did it to be a good sport. Y'know, like you guys aren't being at all.

Yes, the challenger lost if time expired because A. hundreds of people were waiting for us to clear that field so THEY could play there. B. The first three people to shoot him got a free pistol. That was the game. You can't just make up your own different game and then criticize him for playing the actual game and not your imaginary one.
Speaking of imaginary, extended mags where? What? How does he get basely slandered for using equipment that DOESN'T EVEN EXIST???? There are no extended mags for the TPX.

It wasn't supposed to be a 'challenge' for Angel, get it?
Angel, Tippmann and CPX didn't do all that to feed his ego. THEY did it to provide a fun event and give away a pistol or two. The challenge for Antonio was a death march of standing in the sun and playing 22 games in a row, he was 'on' for 2 hours out there I would say and he gets criticized for not running laps around the field, awesome.

Angel isn't 'supposed to be so great' as bits so SNIDELY phrased it.
He is great.
Speaking as someone who's been doing pistols only for 26 years,
He doesn't have to. That's why us smart players did not 'go all out and play a little stupid', all that would do in this case was cause you to get gunned down in the process of looking stupid.

Weltman and I started this discussion in person a little, and thinking about our discussion afterwards I realized I owe Weltman a really big apology.
Weltman and I have chatted and slowly gotten to know each other over the last 5 years or so....

I've seen Weltman at games and events for AT LEAST the last 15 years.

He's a really great, humble guy and a great player...

Who I walked a wide circle around for 10 years because in my uninformed opinion at that time, he was an ego-mad braggart.

Now I know he's just unselfconsciously enjoying himself, but back then someone who showed up at the monster game with a lever paintgun and no shirt on looked like he was telling us all we weren't DOO.
About 5 years ago a true friend of mine at HS really called me out on this and told me what a bigot I was being.
Out of respect for him, I gave Weltman a chance and found one of the nicest, most honest guys in paintball.

So I apologize, Weltman, for judging you without getting to know you and I ask you not to make my mistake with Antonio. If you get to know him and don't like him, fine. Don't treat feelings and impressions as facts though.

EDIT: I just did a preview of my post and saw Angel's show up. Again he was polite and humble, in this case he was polite and humble to a group that doesn't deserve it.
He's a nice guy, MUCH nicer than I am as instead of declaring an unnofficial game for TWC and trying to get Tippmann and HS on board, I'm going to plan on extra chill time. As Cartman would say, "screw you guys, I'm goin' home."

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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