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Good write up.

My review of your review:

-The thumbscrews and internals (minus the bolt) are CCI sourced. So while the o-ring on the thumbscrews is a great design feature, unfortunately Avratech can't take credit for that. LOL.

-Crosman 12 grams are not the best to be reaching conclusions about efficiency. They are notoriously inconsistent. Lelands are available everywhere, they can be ordered online in bulk. I would recommend picking some up before drawing final conclusions. Also one 12 gram (even if it was a Leland) is not enough data to draw any conclusions, period.

-Blue Loctite Tech Data straight from the manufacturer:
For disassembly, shear with standard hand tools and remove with methylene chloride. In rare instances where hand tools do not work because
of excessive engagement length, apply localized heat to nut or bolt to approximately 482F (250C). Disassemble while hot.
It's an NPT fitting, screwed in pretty far. I think that qualifies as high engagement length. Boiling water is nowhere near hot enough to break the stuff. I'm calling user error on the bent fitting. Brass is a perfectly acceptable material in this application. Next time, taking a torch quickly to the fitting or possibly a soldering iron (depending on how hot yours can get) is a better solution.

-The missing serial number is interesting. Slipped through the cracks. But not worthy of criticism for delaying shipment. Basically what you are saying is "Mine accidentally didn't get a serial number, so they should have sent it out before the stamps came in if they were just going to accidentally forget to stamp it!" LOL WUT.
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