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mag stuff

Okay guys, I will be updating periodically so don't forget to check back.
I will ship international, but it will cost extra.
All pics are thumbnails at this point, so click to see full size image.
I am willing to negotiate somewhat on prices, so feel free to pm me. I'm nice really, I am. Worst I'll do is say no.
Please post then pm me.

Trades of interest: 0-700psi guage(2), metal clamping feedneck for 7/8th vert feed(lapco, ego? I need 2),HPA tank(45/45, 68/45 or similar) RT on/off

PTP Black Benchmark 2x frame(off my micromag), funky grips included: $40 shipped
In good shape, no safety
[IMG] [/IMG]

Level 7 foamie bolt (spring not included) Not sure what it is worth so let's start at $8 shipped(obo)

Black mag sight rail: slip fit for classic bodies. $8shipped
Old school stock(adjustable, #02): $25 shipped (but feel free to offer)
13" Armson rifled barrel with foam fore grip (actually pretty comfy and stable) In very good condition, includes metal wire detente and orings. $20 shipped

spyder freak back with 689 insert: old style perfect for spyder owners or new style sterling bodies. pics upon request. 20 shipped? obo (seriously)/on hold for now
My MCB feedback:

AM Sentinel and ION MAXD for sale

Misc Sale:

Parts: Left feed sterling body/whole gun spyder threads preferred.

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