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Excellent review

I actually held one at SG43. I wasn't really impressed with the price tag. I also asked about options. It did have a comfortable feel in my hand. Then again I shoot low end gun any way (Vibe,SP1,MG7 BT4 etc), that could have added the feel for me.

I did tell Tippmann why I would never buy one, and reason being was because of the "no option" to move the ASA. I like a drop and large bottle and that just isn't going to cut it with me.

Options are what players want and this isn't going to do it for me.

The Crossover has an optional rail that attaches to the bottom of the grip & acts as a plug for the internal gas line. You simply remove the factory ASA/Regulator & install the rail. You then install your favorite vertical regulator & connect it with an external gas line to your on/off asa or drop-forward. This way the Crossover can be configured anyway you want it.
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