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Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
This morning, I tried the code on the machine, and for the most part it worked great. I need to tweak the start/end code and stop HSM from using G54 offsets... But beyond that , it is AMAZING!

How good are you at JavaScript?

Originally Posted by lexiones View Post
Is it as intuitive as SolidWorks is? When I learned SolidWorks I always felt like I was cheating everything was just so straight forward.
It is as straightforward as I think is possible while still letting you do things the way you want to. CAMWorks was the only thing i found easier but only if you let the CAM decide everything. As soon as you wanted to do something your own way, it was like pulling teeth. Honestly, the HSMWorks resellers are excellent about not nagging so try the 30 day trial assuming you have a legit copy of SW.
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