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Originally Posted by NoForts4Me View Post
Line SI Promaster. Got in an argument on the phone with the owner of Line SI at the time after our team had sent them back twice. They ate sears like candy. At one time we kept sears with us so we could switch them between games.
Yeah. Bought mine at the '91 Masters. It was the last (available) semi in the vendors' tent when I got there. During the sale, when the SI tech walked away for a minute, a player came up to me and tried to warn me about the gun. Said his whole team got rid of them. But I just had to have a semi. And ended up with a one-speed blender. A used one-speed blender, it turned out - sold to me as a new gun.

I got the chance, a few months later, to see a VHS tape that Line SI sent out to its dealers. It featured R.A. pretty much telling dealers that any problem an owner had with the Promaster was due to the fact that the owner just didn't have a clue. If they heard something that sounded like the ocean when they put their ear up to the gun, well, "maybe it really is the ocean they're hearing - ha ha ha." Seriously.
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