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Probably my BE Stringray II. Crap on 12'ies horrible plastic clamshell body held in place with crummy plastic pins. Worst part is I spent an additional $20 on a aftermarket barrel from BE that I thought would make it better.
Heh, I LOVED my Stingray the time. This was back around 1997 when my friends all bought TigerSharks, and I thought I was a badass for having a Stingray. We played in the woods with 12 grams and absolutely no concept of velocity adjustment -- the bruises and welps from those BE's in the woods are the worst I've ever had in paintball. And, yet, that's some of the most fun I've ever had in the sport.

Eventually I upgraded to the original green Raptor (not the later much ****tier 'Raptor'). THAT is the gun that I hate the most. That POS chopped every other round, and it was a pain in the *** to clean. I finally took it apart at one point and lost a couple of pieces and never bothered putting it back together. It's probably still in a bag somewhere in my old bedroom's closet.

I think the only gun I double un-dig is the Goblin launchers. They're a retrofitted airsoft design, and they are barely functional for use in paintball.
I have yet to figure out what niche use a person would have for a Goblin launcher.
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