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Originally Posted by Angelballer View Post
You still don't make sense. The lathe part I "think" I understand. It is called live tooling. Concerning the mill, I have no clue... Maybe you have a 4th axis but are using collets for workholding?

Do you run these machines?
Yeah, I googled live tooling, and it is exactly what I'm talking about.

And if collet is what I think it as, then maybe we do have a 4-axis mill. It reminds of a lathe that holds the part, and the can rotate it for different angels, just like a 4-axis. But it can only hold small cylinders, so the mill is mostly used for ordinary 3-axis. I always thought that a 4-axis was a mill that you could rotate the whole worktable.

And while I do have access to all machines, I'm a student so I haven't learned them yet.

EDIT: I use all the 3-axis mills every week though. We have 3 different kinds, a Modig, a Brideport and 2 small mills that I can't remember the name. We also have 2 lathes with live tooling, and to small lathes. And about 20 manual lathes We're just in the beginning of the CNC-course, I will learn all the other machines too.
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