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This is exactly why I gave up using my fast lane transponder. I still have it for emergencies, but 49 times out of 50 I don't use it. I don't want the government having a record or where I go, when I go, and how fast I drive to get there.

Luckily, there is legislation out there which will require car manufacturers to inform their customers if the car is equipped with a data recorder. It's a start at least:

People will only get pissed about it if they start getting screwed. In the UK they have speed trap cameras installed to automatically collect a road tax ... and people are fighting back:

God I love that!

There's only so much people will take. I think the politicians realize that the vast majority of them are absolutely worthless human beings, and the reason they have so much power is that most people just don't care. There's a line that they don't want to cross ... and if they start to constantly reach into a persons pockets then people will really start caring about politics.
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