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What am I doing wrong?

I'm resurecting a chromed, taso frame equipped spyder I rescued from craigslist, right now I'm stumped. After polishing the hell out of the lower tube, in effect peeling all the chrome plating left in there and leaving a smoother surface, no matter what I do, it leaks out the LPC threads (This is a full size fatty striker body, the LPC threads into the front, a VA threads into the body itself.) I've put a TON of teflon tape onto the LPC, tried replacing and greasing the O-ring on it, no matter what I do it still leaks out of there. I think it's even the last leak I need to fix before the marker will finally cycle in the hammer slot again (I kinda destroyed the bolt removing it. I think I'm gonna find a cooper T bolt.)

Also, what size is the O-ring on the fatty hammer, I can't find ANY rebuild kits for fatty-striker equipped spyders anymore.
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Love how the thread got de-railed to incestuous relations and soldering brass tubes together. Classic MCB at it's finest.
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