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Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
A suitable studio and a suitable testing procedure. It would be nice if this could be an ongoing FWB type thing. No homo.

I don't want to say that it's arbitrary... But my involvement honestly is.

In the past, I've been very careful to not make any specific claims about my designs so far. This is actually tiring because I'm excited about the the project! You don't have to look far back in this thread to a single instance of just implying a claim, getting called out on it, inviting a direct attack to my professionalism, my integrity, and the raw value that I bring to the community.

That sucks... I don't get a lot of reward for sticking my neck out too far around here. So third party testing is number one on my list before I'm spending a ton to move forward.

Please note that I don't speak for Ty or his involvement. This type of project literally takes mega-hours and big dollars. If you look back in this thread, or could see our emails... He's a huge contributor and deserves the acknowledgement.
Thank you for the props

This has been a joint effort, involving more than just Alpha and I. Unfortunately, my swiss cheesed brain won't tell me who... But if you read back through the thread, you can figure it out

Originally Posted by doc Zox View Post
I have a buddy who is an acoustics engineer in a research lab.

He likes cool projects, I will ask him about setting up an accurate test.
Freaking AWESOME!

Having done some serious testing, I might suggest that using an Eigen barrel as the core might be the best solution. 8" of control bore and loads of small diameter porting make it very quiet. If you throw an old Taso cover over it, it makes a DM almost silent. You can actually hear the bolt sliding in the bore!


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