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Originally Posted by lab79rat View Post
Yup. A bit of a bummer. I think that there is only enough interest to have 1 pump event per year. I'll plan on pandemonium next year, plus, I doubt you'll see another pump only castle. However, the guy in charge said he would likely run a castle game at pandemonium.

In other news, sounds like Murf, Ninja Dave and I will be at Rumblewoods this Saturday. Anyone else want to join us?
Oh, I wasn't aware the rule was pump only, seems like a shot in the foot on a market segment to go after. The last 'big game' we all played at XPX had nearly that many players.

I'll be at the next XPX meet when that comes around, I'm in no rush. Still have to get a bolt pin for my sniper before I can play anyway. Josh?
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