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Originally Posted by Wallify View Post
you can get just about anything with a 1K plus budget. Personally my only gripe with laptops in that price range is that they tend to have the 17" screen, and a worse battery life than other models. IMHO the 17 is too big to be sittng so close to, and with its size it takes away portability, and battery life.

If you dont mind those things then you can pick almost anything. I have been a Dell fan for a while though. Well built, and if somethign does break parts are available online to fix just about anything.

I would also suggest keeping an eye on the dell outlet store online. If your ready to buy you can find great deals on there. You have to be ready though b/c things on that site can sell quick.
You can't expect good battery life out of anything with a dedicated graphics card. That said, my M18x (18.4 inch screen) has switchable graphics (I can use either integrated or dedicated) and gets about 4 hours of battery life on I/G.

The XPS line are very solid and should get you what you need. You could also look into the M14x or M17x if you want a little more kick and the latest Ivy Bridge processors.
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Seconded. Hence forth this is to be the official nomenclature of marker sales. Violators will be violated.
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