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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
I was told that at a shop when I went it with my 13/30 that had a leak in the reg. The cost of a re-hydro and a leak fix would of been a brand new ninja tank.
They said it happened earlier this year.
I don't know. That sound pretty dubious. If there was a rule change, I'm sure someone from any of the major air tank companies would of said so. Both Guerrilla and Ninja have great customer service and would of probably have said something if there was a major change that affected thier business.

So I went to the online listing of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Here. It's current as of May 31, 2012 (as of the time of this posting). So, the 2 by 2 rule is no longer listed under '49 CFR 180.205'. It's now on '49 CFR 180.209'. It doesn't look like anything big has change; it looks like they just gave "the table" (that the exemption rule references) its own section/page number.

Any cylinder not exceeding 2 inches outside diameter and less than 2 feet in length is excepted from volumetric expansion test.
Seems to me that the rule still stands.
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