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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
The first BLAZERS were sold to the public in late 1996.

I remember it very well because the Blazer had a very infamous development. It was first announced way back in 1992, as an all aluminium Typhoon, designed for the tournament player, and could fire at ultra fast speeds without the problems associated with the "then new" autocockers.

Glenn made up some non-functional prototypes that he would bring around to different events in 92-93. During that time, the design was worked out, and full-scale production was to start at the end of 1993, and sales would start at the start of 1994.

But that never happened. The truth was that Palmer was not setup to fabricate the bodies. The original plan was to invest in some expensive CNC equipment... but the "expensive" part got in the way. Then they thought about farming the components out to local shops (ie Montneel, etc).

But in the end, they worked out a deal with Sterling LTD, where they would make 2500 bodies in exchange for a similar number of Sterling AUTOCOCKING kits.

The Blazer, however, was only vaporware. Glenn left it to Sterling to work out lots of the details, and as you might guess, they ran into lots and lots of problems, delays, mistakes, etc. Glenn, on his side, also had his own issues with the autococking kits. This dragged on and on into mid 1995 (almost 20 months!).

By that time, Glenn had finished all the autococking kits to Sterling, and suddenly Sterling declared they could not make the bodies. This was a disaster. Palmer demanded all the casting be shipped back to California, but it was stuck in customs for months.

Eventually he got those casting, and made deals with local shops to finish the bodies.
HOWEVER, I do remember in 1995, when he was really frustrated, he was selling off some of the prototypes at events in order to increase visibility, demand, etc... get reviews (ie Ravi, etc).
. For the OP, you gun would have been a preproduction prototype that could very well have been first made back in 1992.

Shortly after STERLING LTD screwed Palmer over by dragging out the Blazer for nearly 2 years.... then dropping the project, they used the Blazer design as a basis for the Sterling SOVEREIGN. Pretty ****ty move of there part.

WELL.. as you could guess, by the time Palmer finally got the Blazers to sell in late 1996, electros were already on the market. Shockers in 1996, then Angels, RMs, and Bushys a year later. The demand for a fast mech gun dropped to -zero-. The only people buying them were fanboys and rich kids.

Anyway, thats the short version.
WOW. VR should be changed to include this. You can't get info like this from old articles.
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