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It looks like the EMC kit in the poster was the initial concept prototype. The current incarnation of the EMC kit has some changes from the promotional poster shown. There are now 2 45 degree positioned rails located on the back end of the gun to better mount sights for proper sight line use.

I agree with Blackrain that it is nice for companies to offer conversion kits for guns that can help a player transform his gun to play both woods ball and speedball. I play both and prefer the minimalist approach to my gun so I don't typically add things to my guns. As anyone who had been around this sport for any decent length of time knows that appearance of the gear makes the biggest impression on the newer players, No matter if the attachments work or not.

One of the cool things I noticed about the EMC kit was the fact that almost all the internal parts of the gun can be accessed without removing the attachments of the body kit. The bolt, the eyes, etc can all be cleaned or worked on the the kit still mounted. Plus this thing is very light. Can't do much with the weight of the attachments, but the kit itself is very light.

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