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Tunka Hopperball 6/16

Hey Guys!

I'm going to host a Tunka game on the 16th at either the Fortress (where I hosted the Firefly game last year) or another Tunka field called Bushwhacker. I'll keep an eye on this forum as well (always lurking), but for the official details, check out Paintball Players Boulder/Longmont/Louisville/Lafayette/Westminster Colorado CO Paintball and Forum - Hopperball Game 6/16 @ the Fortress or Bushwhacker

Oh, and pumps / pistols are encouraged. Trying to make this a great event for bringing out new players to try the game without the intimidation factor.

Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft
There is no way you could safely control 4 seperate guns remotely. Some players (ie Lasoya) can not control a single gun, while holding it, safely.

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