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Originally Posted by Jaccen View Post
That, and it's part of an "ongoing" Egomag project
This, I think, is probably the biggest culprit. People bought these things as part of some project that just isn't completed yet. Also, installing one takes a little bit of technical know-how, as removing the powertube from the valve isn't exactly easy the first time. I had planned on installing it, but not until after D-Day because I didn't want to chance messing up my X-valve and not being able to fix it before the big game.

Then I bought a classic insert, and realized that I probably wouldn't use the X-valve insert because it's just not that important to me. The classic insert is a different story, because I've got my classic valve in my pump-mag and will use 12ies from time to time. But even with that, I'm not opening up that powertube until after D-Day.

As for the X-valve insert... at least it's not going to just sit in my gearbag unused. I'm offering it up to recoup some of the cost of my classic insert, and to also hopefully get it in the hands of someone who will use it and test it.
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