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Thanks for all the feedback! In preparation for LL5, I actually have already adopted some changes that you guys hit on, so in those cases, thanks for confirming my suspicions!!

I trimmed the mask camo back a bit more and, I set the camera to record at 1080P 30FPS (110deg FOV) (I actually had it set it in software but, I forgot to flip the little switch). As for the reticle, it's a fun feature of the camera so, I can't do too much about it. I can turn it on, or off. Would it be better without it?

As for the setup, there are two different cameras. My POV camera is a ContourHD 1080P (accidentally left in 720P for this video), it's essentially stock except I've got a 30mm scope cover mounted to it to protect if from impacts. I have to remember to keep the lens cover pristine

The gun camera is fairly old skool tech (similar to what Tyger used in his early game videos), a Sony WDR600, connected via cable to an Aiptek digital recording unit. For the WDR600, I went with the highest zoom/NFOV lens I could get, a 16mm, 15deg FOV. The new?/uncommon? thing about mine is I had SKGrimes build me an adapter (great, fast, and very well priced) for an old Sony 2.6x Teleconversion lens I happened to have. With this lensing, the camera sees just as much, if not more than what I can with my own eyes. The overall profile I present when I'm shooting is only increased by the Gun camera lens (approx 2" O.D.) which is mounted to my adjustable picatinny riser, next to my sights.

As far as 110*, 135*, 170* go, I intended to go with the 1080P, 30FPS setting. Ultimately, I would really love the 60FPS but, I have a couple concerns you guys might be able to address.
It appears that Youtube re-samples the video to 30FPS. I have not been able to find this in documentation but, I tested this by upoloading a 60FPS video and then using "youtube downloader" (a program) to download it and the resulting flash video was 30FPS.

My Gun Camera only supports 30FPS and, if I overlay it onto a 60FPS video, then I'm essentially frame doubling for the Gun Camera, right? I suspect that this may not preserve the content as well as it should.
For FOV, I personally prefer to have zero fisheye effect as I find it distracting whenever there is something in the near field. At least a couple of other folks appear to prefer the same but, I do see the value of a wider field for this type of action. I'll see how my wooded games come out and, I'll keep an eye on it.

A couple questions for you all:
How does the slow-mo during the shot scenes work? good/bad? Should I make them slower? One thing with FS rounds, they do get there a bit quicker :P

I could trim the video down to just the starting and my elimination/game end. I'll probably do that in the future as I setup a more formal intro and closing section. What would make pre - post game dialog interesting?
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