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Waiting on GoD.
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Agreed.... just like the shotgun. Somehow equipping a shotgun gives you a speed boost that you can deliver that impactful blow at sem-distant ranges with the Range proficiency. We all hate being "one-shotted", whether it be from a sniper rifle, shotgun, noobtubes or nade spamming.

Well ppl complain when I hardscope! lol. Its like you cant win. Both regular Joes and quickscopers claim you lack skill and is percieved of as being campy.

Anyhow.... back on topic.

Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
I've never seen anyone bitch about a hardscope. What I can't stand is a player coming around a corner with a sniper rifle and somehow being able to raise his gun and magically one-shot me before I can even pull the trigger with an SMG.
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