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Originally Posted by TheePsycho View Post
There is also dual angel detents now for the PE fang angel detents I got.

It must be the angle as I didn't have any more milling to the body.

As far as anodizing I'm not entirely sure. I'm a fan of the Jurrassic Goo scheme and I was thinking about that. I will make the three body lines on the gun masked off and anodized black though. Always up for suggestions on anodizing colors or patterns.
I was sitting in the shop this afternoon working on some custom parts for my Sterling, and I was thinking about how much I loved that first Jurassic Goo ano-job I seen at IAO in like 96 or 97 . I was thinking I need to get picks of that and maybe go that wrought, but now that your thinking it, I will go with the other Idea I have,

Keep posting pic's seems like your project is further a head them mine is at this time, I will post once I get this first project done.

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