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Originally Posted by mrmag11 View Post
"We tried very hard to give pump players a smoother, more efficient alternative for both markers. On average we gained between 10-20 fps in testing on both bolts and they both sound great."

Here's a quote from the TechT rep on PBN.
In my experience TechT products are great products.
I have used the following products from them and I have found that they are superior to the stock parts.

Hush and Kush Bolt for the Etek- Improved the sound signature and the Kush bolt reduced the chances of chopping.

PE Knobz- much smother and easier to use.

Zero Kick Hammer both the SE and SE ACT for the 98- One word "Drastic!"

All of their Cyclone products- The Cyclone becomes a higher end loader.

L7 Series for the Ion and Ion Xe, Lightens the bolt set up and the marker as a whole. The air efficiency improved.

Gun Drops and Gun Save- Finally a drop and grease that don't clash horribly when mixed.

Product of theirs I don't like-

iFit- waist of money in my opinion. The control bore is too small.

Clapping feed-neck- HUGE way to big.
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