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Honk, thanks for that tip, that didn't occur to me, but makes perfect sense. I'll find some shims (i love my local Ace Hardware ) and see if that helps.

Speaking of the power tube, i noticed that my RT has a "brass-colored" spring in between the power tube and the o-ring at the bottom, instead of the .2xx spacers that I'm used to seeing in various threads discussing these valves, and even the manuals on AGD's website all show spacers there, none of the diagrams I saw showed a spring there. Is that a problem, or do I just have an especially odd gun?

I did notice that when I set the bolt on the valve, and let it drop down til it rests naturally, there is a fair bit of play in the urethane washer still....the bold doesn't sit snugly against it. Given my limited understanding of how these guns work, that makes me think it's sitting on the o-ring at the bottom of the tube and needs more spacing (my other theory behind why i might need the brass spacers for the power tube).

Again, I can take pictures if any of this stuff needs clarification. Thanks again for the help
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