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Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
I'm ready the Horus series now. Love the Ghosts, can't wait for the next one. My absolute favorite is the Eisenhorn trilogy. Ravenor was good as well. Dan Abnett is currently working on the third inquisitor trilogy called the Bequin trilogy. Can't wait for that one. The ghosts books and the Eisenhorn books really put that universe on a more personal level that feels great to read.
I never got around to reading the third book of the Ravenor series and I had no clue he was writing a trilogy based on Bequin (last I read, she was in stasis). I looked around a little bit, though, and the subtitle to the Bequin Trilogy is: Ravenor -vs- Eisenhorn

Lookin like it's about time to get back into BL books.
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