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Originally Posted by Elemental View Post
I just moved to Denver and have been looking for a place to play. How exactly does this field operate?
it's a private field, byop and might not be air available. Urban combat, no entry but donations accepted, and please bring something for the 'potluck' lunch we all share. This is NOT a limited paint day, but we might play a few games of hopperball, as that levels the playing field alot. Full auto's are allowed if used in moderation. No overshooting/douchbaggery. cheaters/wipers will not be asked to come back, and may be expelled.

One thing, we have a house rule called the 'pistol rule'. If your marker is hit, it is disabled, but you are not out. You may run around and tell people things, draw fire, or pull out your secondary (often a pistol) and play on with that weapon. Assume EVERYONE on the field is playing UNLESS they have an orange vest on. If you are unsure, shoot them in the leg or foot, or barrel tag them.

BRING WATER!!!11!!!1!

Watch out for First Strikes. At last count, 6 players who frequent the hole have at LEAST one FS capable marker. One player often carries 2 T8's that shoot FS plus his primary (which may or may not be shooting FS). They whistle when they go by. That is your warning to SEEK COVER.

Look up 'Hooligan's Hole' on youtube to see the field 2 years ago. we've added alot since.

Hit me up for directions, and there is a post in this forum with overhead pics that aren't too out of date.

more questions, hit me up.

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