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Mag Go Boom

Specifics: Classic Valve, Level 7 bolt. Nothing fancy. Running HPA.

Never thought I'd be saying this but my Mag a'splode.

Basically after 4 years of storage, I oiled 'er up, took some test shots and then went to Operation Massengrab. First game had a couple issues with the regulator leaking at random, nothing serious.

Cronying for the second game saw the regulator go haywire, leaking badly, then it'd start getting ridiculous dwell (went from cronying at 250ish to 485) which managed to cause the on/off assembly to not seal anymore, leaking the entire tank out the trigger assembly. Pulling it apart and re-oiling it didn't do anything to fix the problem.

So, uh... how screwed am I? I'm thinking the cheapest way to fix this is to buy a used Classic Mag and swap the guts because troubleshooting it looks like everything with a valve or seal got fried when the regulator stopped regulating and basically matched pressure with the HPA tank.

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