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Classic Valve Backs (Regulator) Options

Good Day All,

So I am still working on my project Mag and am looking for some options for the regulator on my Minimag valve. I have seen a few pictures and read about there being some regulators that thread in to the back of the Valve front. I currently am using a Plug/Cap with Gauge and an AKA Sidewinder and my rail is trimmed down flush with the valve so would like something cool for aesthetics if I put a regulator back on the valve (No Z-Pin).

Is one of them the "Air America Raptor" regulator? I think ANS had some pieces that worked too didn't they?

Also, what are the guts like in those? Are they the same as a standard Classic Valve back?

If anyone could list the parts I can use to replace the valve back it would be much appreciated so I can correctly populate my WTB thread and get these parts in my grubby little paws.
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