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Originally Posted by Frontier_Bill View Post

However, I think that if they atarted educating children with it, then the transition would go smoother,

Edit: Gah, I was wrong, 6.52887 feet.
Thats exactly what happened to me in the 70's and 80's I learnt to use metric and imperial, our school rulers had the measurments on each side and all our textbooks changed over to metric. Our teachers all had to teach metric and it confused many of them.

The currency also changed over to metric in 1972 (?) before that date it was 144 pennies to one English pound, five pounds was a huge one sided note three times the size of a dollar note.

Many seemingly impossible things can be changed, Europe drives on the right, the British Isles drive on the left, until 1922 Norway also drove on the left. They changed over to driving on on the right in stages, one weekend all the trucks changed to driving on the right the following weekend all the cars changed over to driving on the right......
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