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Emergency, need books and book suggestions

So my advisor in her infinite "wisdom" has decided that rather than write Internet access into her field project budget that she would rather "disconnect" for an entire month, regardless of the desires of anyone else. The undergrads will be fine with their parents paying for their smart phones, but m going to be at a loss for entertainment.

I do have an iPad but can't afford 3G (with my wife heading back to school in fall I have to save $$). However, I might as well use the time to catch up on recreational reading so I'm asking for a favor. If you've got books in.pdf format I would love to increase my library on my iPad. Just pm me and I can give you my email. If you have links (I love stuff in the public domain) I would appreciate that too, just post them here.

Below are some genres Im interested in (but surprise me if you've got a must read):
-sci fi
-historical non-fiction
-existentialist philosophy
-19th century literature
-Russian literature (pre revolution and soviet period)
-anything remotely steam or cyber-punk
-comedic literature

Things Im not into:
-partisan politics of any stripe
-hippie ****
-religious stuff
-self help


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