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Nice setup UV. I like the way you think, where you aren't trying to replicate any one real steel gun but are just building the best gun for your style of play.

Also curious what you got next. Is it still a semi auto?

Originally Posted by VooDooAddict View Post
- Mock silencer/suppressor tips (Flasc, Hammerhead M50, Lapco) ... have a measurable negative impact on the shot groupings of rifled barrels. ...Sadly this testing has immediately convinced me to stop using my beloved Flasc mock suppressors on my First strike setups,
So what do you have on the FS barrels? Ton of open porting? Muzzle brake? Non ported barrel?

Is there currently a Hammerhead barrel that is rifled well for zoom dots and is cocker threaded? If so, what is it's bore size?
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