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Programming update for X7 Phenom and A-5 Hall Effect E-Grips

Tippmann Sports is pleased to announce a programming update for the X7 Phenom and A-5 Hall Effect E-Grips. We have transitioned to this new programming in X7 Phenoms, X7 Phenom E-Grip kits, A-5s with a Selector Switch and the respective E-Grip kits a few months ago. This new program not only enhances performance, but also addresses issues that some players may have experienced in earlier X7 Phenom or A-5 markers. Issues that some players may have experienced could include inconsistent behavior within firing modes, the need to frequently reset your e-grip or the board shutting down during play.

As mentioned, this new programming has been in play for a number of months, and was included on X7 Phenom markers with a serial number of 32,534 or higher and 567,750 or higher on the A-5 with a selector switch. If a player has not experienced an issue by now, it is unlikely they need to send the board back to Tippmann. However, if any player has experienced issues with an X7 Phenom or A-5 Hall Effect E-Grip, we suggest you contact Tippmann at 1-800-533-4831 (1-260-749-6022) or email and we can arrange to have the board upgraded.

Again, the response to this new programming update has been exceptional; all current items shipped over the last few months have these new programming updates. However, to ensure there are no issues with current X7 Phenom or A-5 markers with the selector switch out in the field, we have contacted all Tippmann dealers and are posting this update on paintball forums. Feel free to share this information with other Tippmann users. Thank you.
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