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Originally Posted by R_Os View Post
Your gear is amazing. I was trying to read the manufacturers name on the tag on your holster.

Is that setup for left handed operation? Or a really awkward right hand draw.

I would also be willing to pay for a similar setup to that. Looks great, nice job!
thanks! actually, my holster is only used for walking around in between games (so i dont need a barrel bag), so i guess i would say its a really awkward right hand draw lol.

just couldnt bring myself to do real work today, so i made up "rig 2.0". copied a condor mcr1 as best as i could from photos, and made new mag pouches based on the Tuff 8. threw loops for 4 co2 carts on each shoulder strap, and there's room for a couple of tubes behind the mag pouches. i'll just swap my holster and dump pouch off of my old rig since those work fine as is. pretty happy with how it turned out! now if only i had time to go play in the next month......

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