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Our June game day was a ton of fun; a couple of new players, two young teams and a long evening game (in full light, cause it barely gets dark at all this time of year).

June Game Day

We're starting to be able to compare stats and scores between the BC Canada teams and the Swedish teams, which is pretty cool.

Kill at Will Total Points 666
PUMP Total Points 645
Spectre Total Points 610
Stockholm Ignition 330
Wolverines Total Points 310
Bannock Beatdown Total Points 195

Stockholm Ignition Average Points Per Game 82.0
Kill at Will Average Points Per Game 66.6
Spectre Average Points Per Game 61.0
PUMP Average Points Per Game 53.8
Wolverines Average Points Per Game 51.7
Bannock Beatdown Average Points Per Game 19

Follow the fun from our Facebook page, or holler if you want to try it out yourself.
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