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Lower BPS To Meet Cap


I recently made a thread on lowering my bps for my MacDev board (bear with me........I am in the right Armory section for this thread ).

07 Cyborg Militia Board & BPS

I have an 07 Militia board in my 04 Viking. The board bottoms out at 14bps. I'm attending a scenario and need to cap my Viking at 13bps. I *finally* was able to work out an exchange with MacDev to get it flashed. However, by the time it got worked out it's now too late too send it to them and have it at said scenario.

Any ideals on how to program it so that my Viking will be mechanically unable to exceed 13bps?

My ideas are:

1. raise the loader delay (2ms default, 1/2ms increments). Ie. I just slow down what the loader feeds.
2. mess with the dwell. I'd rather not as she's shooting great.

Any other ideas? I'm going to be only shooting semi with a tourney lock and, in all honesty, I'm not faster than 10bps with my fingers. I don't know how they're testing for bps, just that I want to limit it in case they have someone there who can actually go above that.

Any input appreciated. Thanks.
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