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Originally Posted by Jaccen View Post
I have these options:

So, yes, I believe so. So out of these 4 (?) options, which would likely be the best to limit the bps?
I'm not familiar with the militia board. But theoretically, the bolt delay would be the most reliable way to limit rate of fire.

Essentially it shuts the eyes off after firing so it doesn't see the bolt blocking the eyes as a paintball in the breech. Having it shut off for 76ms should drop rate of fire down to 13bps. I don't know if you are able to set it that high.

Second would be debounce, in this case it would ignore trigger input for however long you set. Though some have weird algorithims for this feature that may cause it to not work.

Third would be loader delay. Not so good because it delays the time between seeing paint and firing. Meaning it would delay everything, so during slow feeding, it would slow down the firing additionally(although it's not that much)

I wouldn't even think about using dwell to reduce the rate of fire.
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