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I paid promptly for a sniper pump cocker from him. He said he shipped and gave delivery confirmation, but while it said "delivered" on the tracking, I never received anything. Insurance was not purchased and the delivery label only says the city, it doesn't actually show delivered to my address and no signature confirmation. I was home all day on the "delivery day" and no packages or packing slips. I filed a claim with paypal but because it said delivered they sided with him. I mentioned to them that it said delivered in the city, not to my address, and that nothing was signed for, but to no avail.

Spoke with him and he said that because paypal says it is fine, he considers it delivered. I am out a gun and money. I will never do business with him again, not a normal stand up MCB'er.



He received the gun back and asked me to pay another $10 so he could ship it again. Hopefully I get it this time!

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