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RTR Under Cocker Pump

Let me explain:

You mount the small block to your Gun just like you would any other pump. And actually you could just use this small block for a pump if you wanted to.

However, the purpose of this small block is to be able to mount the actual pump to it. This way, anyone who is creative with a Dremel and a drill can make a pocket in a hockey puck, custom pump, miscellaneous item and make it there pump on the little block. Make sense?

And here are the pumps that will be of a Matte Finish.

And here are a batch to show you where the screws will go to hold your pump on.

And here is for size comparison:

This is a short run. Some of the small blocks will be available by themselves but I am still working on a few things to see how I am going to divide them up. All will be either Gloss Black or Matte Black with Raw available on request. I will be asking for people who want it Raw first so I know how many to hold off sending to Ano.

Hope you guys like these and it should not be to awful long before they are ready.

Now the tough part: Cost will be $75 which includes both pieces.

I am not taking orders at this time but should be all set to in about two weeks or less. If you want a RAW UnderPump please PM or email me.


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