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One of these days i'll have to drop by the brick-n-mortar. Periodically they advertise in-store-only sale/clearances that i MUST check out.
they are cool people. i think they have some boxguns still.

i actually ran into lechooch when i went there. they are quite busy though, since they never meant for that location to be a store. pbgateway is mainly trying to be an online order shipping thingy like amazon.

you'll find a building with just a driveway going in the middle. once you parked look for a door with a spyder logo poster lol.

it's true about ghetto though. i think i saw 2 curb side arrests just while trying to find the place...

iisports is in the area too. they're good for soft goods and old parts while gateway is probably better for the up to date stuff.

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