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Originally Posted by Ando View Post

You need to put a sock in it, you're causing more harm then good. The gold spring is the standard spring for a lvl 7. No other spring should be use with the lvl 7

Blue or clear bumper, doesn't matter as long as you have a bumper installed, either one will work with either bolt setup.

As for your issue, if you're experiencing bolt stick main cause would be the spacer being too short.

Too short of a spacer = Bolt stick

Too long of a spacer = Barrel leak

A missing rail bush will cause many issues. Mostly the "spongy trigger" issue where you'll feel tension on the trigger but won't fire.

If your thumb or frame screw is too tight that will create problems due to the extra tention miss aligning the body, rail and/or valve. This usually causes chuffing and reset issues. A good rule of thumb for your frame screw is once you fell the tention on the screw, go another 1/4 turn and leave it be. The thumb screw should just be finger tight. In very rair occations, you might need to get a allen key to the thumb screw but that usually occurrs when you have aftermarket parts not playing together properly.
The care pack I just handed off includes the next larger spacer I have (.225). If he's still having issues with bolt stick I showed him how to swap it out. He's traveling a fair ways so I dont want him sitting on the sidelines.

I have a number of other classics that I will be working on and selling soon. This one was vexing because I was running out of time before he leaves.

Thanks, again.
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