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I will agree with you that there was a black bolt spring for the level 7.

But, when I upgraded my one of my minimags to level 10, there clearly was a "silver" looking spring on it.

Also, note that in the commonly used exploded valve view, the level 7 bolt doesn't look like a gold spring, but one that looks like a cloudy gray - #15. But, it's too short to be the uncut spring from the Lvl 10 kit.

Also, in the Bill Mills article from Warpig, when he talks about installing the Lvl X, why would he mention there being 4 spring types if he was removing a gold spring that was identical to the Lvl X one? [Aside- it could be the black spring.]

WARPIG - World And Regional Paintball Information Guide

As I said earlier, I'm not saying there wasn't a gold level 7 spring, I just never had one. In fact, the one that appears to come in the level 7 parts kits now is gold. Typically when I think of gold springs, I think automatically of the Lvl X for this reason.

That's from the early level 10 kit that had the long gray spring, the middle red one, and the short gold spring.

I'm not trying to pick an argument with you, but just like you said you've never seen a silver level 7, I've never physically had a gold level 7. After your comments I went and checked out level 7 kits that are now for sale. They do now seem to come with a gold spring.

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