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Originally Posted by alkafluence View Post
But, when I upgraded my one of my minimags to level 10, there clearly was a "silver" looking spring on it.
When's the last time you've had a mag? They've been making the gold spring for as long I can remember...I know damn well they had them when I got my first mag in '94.

Originally Posted by alkafluence View Post
Also, in the Bill Mills article from Warpig, when he talks about installing the Lvl X, why would he mention there being 4 spring types if he was removing a gold spring that was identical to the Lvl X one? [Aside- it could be the black spring.]
If you would have looked at the pictures in the article, you would have seen the black spring on his classic RT he was replacing hence the 4 spring types.

Originally Posted by alkafluence View Post
As I said earlier, I'm not saying there wasn't a gold level 7 spring, I just never had one.

I'm not trying to pick an argument with you, but just like you said you've never seen a silver level 7, I've never physically had a gold level 7.
HOW IS THAT POSIBLE after 17+ years of them making the spring?!?!? And of all the lvl 7's you supposedly have had, you've never came across a gold spring? I find that hard to swallow.

Look, this all boils down to not just you but others giving ****ty advice on the forums (Here, AO, PBN...etc.). I've seen it numerous time and have had to correct them on how to properly fix their issue(s).

If there's ANY doubt in the information you're about to give someone, just don't give it at all.
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