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Anyone seen anything good latley?

I watched "13 Ninjas" based on the reviews on here. Definitley enjoyed it. It was a bit on the far-fetched side but def very entertaining. 7.5/10

"The Fall" A visually amazing, fantasy adventure tale told to a young girl by a suicidal man in a hospital. Confusing a bit, but VERY worthwhile watching. 8/10

"Kaspar Carr: Street Thief" Very cool, documentary-esque look into the life of a professional street thief. Still not sure if it was real or not. Very entertaining. 9/10

"180 South" If your an avid hiker/climber/surfer/ or travel type. You'll love this. It centers on one guys 14000 mile trip from Mexico to the southern tip of South America, Pantagonia, to climb a mountain that has never been climbed. But all the stuff along the way adds to the entertainment. 9/10.
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