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I've been watching the following movies/series

The Colony: I watched Season 2 but I was on a weird shift without DVR while Season 1 was playing. I enjoyed watching Season 1 except the guy named Mike is annoying and I would probably eat him first.

Out of the Wild is a reality show where there is no prize, just survive and find a way out. There are 2 seasons on Netflix, Alaska and Venezuela
Alaska: I liked this because it shows real people in real survival situations. In Alaska they're fighting to get out before winter lessens their chances of surviving.
Venezuela: Similar to Alaska except in South America. This time food is all around but it seems they can't find it. Similar to the Colony, I would have eaten Mike.

Hell and Back Again: Good documentary of a soldier wounded in Afganistan and his adjustment to both disablity and being back home.

Marwencol: Documentary of a guy who makes still photos of scale figures after being nearly beaten to death.

Ip man 1 and 2: Fictionalized movies about the life of Yip Man. Awesome fight scenes.
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