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Need some work done, (Anno and Milling)

So, I ruined a feedtube trying to cut a feedhole. I need a nice sidefeed hole cut in this thing.

Those aren't the only thing I'd like to have done. It's pretty much a cut down PTXtreme tube. The cap is black, the tube is silver. The marker is dust black.

If it can get re-annoed to semi-gloss black. I can send the barrel to match it to.

And then there's the optional things. There's a screw holding the endcap on. I'd just like to get it turned into a flush mount set screw. And lastly, only if you want to, Cut a channel in the follower for an o-ring(I'll have it with it).

Is there anyone who can accomplish all this pretty easily without having to send it off to anyone else? I'm in USA, specifically Florida.
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