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Arrow Blue and PURP half block PRICE DROP

Wassupppppp :P

But seriously, I'm putting my main shooter up today just to get a feel for what's out there. FACT: I'm really just a gun whore. Don't listen to my lies! I don't play that often so I try to limit myself to one gun at a time. I'm mostly looking for trades and not to sell but we'll get into that later. First, some rules:

1). You came to me, respect my rules.
2). Unless your feedback is impeccable, you ship first.
3). My guns leave my hands working. If it is damaged, I'm going to assume it was either you or happened during shipping. I will not, however, be screwing anyone over.
4). I ship priority mail so you will recieve a tracking number when I ship. I expect similar treatment from your end.
5). Don't flame. If you don't like what I OR SOMEONE ELSE IN MY THREAD has/has to say, please keep it to yourself.
6). I will list any known issues/blemishes/etc. with or on my gun BEFORE we make a deal. I want the same courtesy.
7). Post here and pm to ensure good communication.
8). Have fun and enjoy!

WHEW! Ok, now that that's over, on to the fun stuff.

What I have up for trade or sale (preferably trade) is an unusual half blocked 04 prostock. It has been cut by jcurt and is a high quality job as such. Has his standard sled/bolt/bolt pin as well. The body has been shaved as well to reduce weight (and IMHO improve the asthetics). The trigger frame has been shaved to the bone as well and the feedneck was milled for an ego feedneck. The body and frame were both custom anno'd after going under the knife to cover all the tool marks. This thing looks amazing and shoots even better
This is by far, one of the nicest pump strokes i have felt from a cocker ever. I've owned a few over the passed couple years...Very consistent, VERY quiet, and spot on accuracy. A truely well-oiled machine.

And now for some sex:

Here's the left side...

....and the right side

A close up of the anno and a little tramp stamp

This shows the difference the milling job made from a stock body

Here's a pic of the half blocking

Another configuration *EZ grip and 15 degree asa can be included for the right offer

A little pic of some of the milling on the trigger guard

Known Issues: NONE WHATSOEVER:tup:

So for those of you who like parts lists, this pump has:
jcurt half block job and hardware
KAPP trigger plate and shoe
CCM Deluxe pump kit (old style) w/ hitman plate
Stock internals (still VERY smooth)
Ego feedneck mod
CP shorty reg
CP on/off
Empire Sniper barrel kit (4-piece)

OK so here's what I'm looking for (but I will look at anything so don't be afraid to offer):

1. COMPLETED pumps
2. Pumps+$
3. $450

If you need more pics of something, please pm me your email or phone # so I can send them to you!

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