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If I understand you - when you screw the reg in all the way - the fitting ends up coming out under the barrel at the front of the marker?

I know this is going to sound crazy but... turn your VRA around 180 degrees and it will be PERFECT. So - to do this - unscrew the reg. Use a 3/16th Allen key inside the VRA (Vertical Regulator Adaptor) unscew it - spin it 180 degrees - screw the allen bolt back in.

You then have the shortest, most perfect, out of the way set up you can get.

If you need to unscrew it a little - this is no big deal and a thin o-ring can take up the gap.

In terms of efficiency - read my thread on efficiency and you can roughly calculate what you should be getting. Although yours sounds about right.

Welcome to the wonderful world of CCM.

BTW - you are welcome for the videos.

I will be making another batch this fall.

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