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Adam45's sale thread, Semi-Auto's

Paypal or Paypal. That’s it.
No highballers. I won't take a penny more than I am asking.
Make offers I am a motivated seller.
Shipping is not included. Send you postal/zip and I will get you a price shipped by Canada Post from Vancouver BC.
Look in the Misc Paintball Items for pages 10 - 16 and 18,19, 22.

Page 1
Sold - Auto mag classic w/ phase II regulator, powerfeed hopper left body, stock Minimag barrel, Vertical ASA w/ gas through foregrip, may need more tuning SOLD

Page 2
Auto mag classic w/ matching valve #'s, powerfeed hopper left body, stock Minimag barrel, may need more tuning $75 Sold

Page 3
Auto mag classic w/ matching valve #'s, powerfeed hopper left body, stock Minimag barrel, may need more tuning $75 Pending

Page 4
Auto mag classic w/ matching valve #'s, black powerfeed hopper left body, sight rail. Vertical ASA and fitting, stock Minimag barrel, AGD rubber grips, may need more tuning $100

Page 5
ICD Promaster, as is, working, no grip panels, had some wires reconnected, no barrel. $SOLD to Maggot

Page 6
Tippmann 98 Pro, Original 2 part clam body, stock hopper, stock barrel, J&J 16" barrel repaired on a lathe at end, SP progressive 16" $90

Page 7
Micromag clone Dual project, Minimag valves -1 left 1 right, matching. Knurled velocity adjusters, custom aluminum spring feeds w/ Ariakon internals, 4 hopper left power feeds, 2 matching aluminum feed plugs, 2 power feed screws, 1 vertical ASA, Kapp groovy automag frames, clear dye frame panels, one body has no detent the other was repaired to accept Angel detents but still needs to be countersunk so the detent is functional. On a tight bore barrel I never had roll out issues. $650

Page 8
Goblin Solo, 1 shell, airsoft adapter, shims, fill station, Velcro pouch ( OD green ) , Magnetic pouch ( black ) $Sold to Gynocyde

Page 9
Talons, working, ones shooting at 152 fps, others at 218 on HPA. $10 each Sold RussC

Page 17
SOLD Mod 85 Semi-auto version, 2 mags ( have parted 4 mags ), about 400 rounds, 100 spent rounds,
original holster $320
Sorry, my American friends, I will not ship rounds or the marker across the border. The package would probably be confiscated.

Page 20
SLG , Virtue board installed also Slik trigger comes with original board and trigger $120

Page 21
PM6 I think its all stock now, I got this modded for eyes and the wiring messed up. In order to get it running I ended up with a bunch of extra parts that are also included. The body was stripped by the previous owner and will need lots of polishing if you want to anno it. It looks Ok now and it was working but has been on the bench for over a year, as is $80.

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